A Personal Blog…But Why???

I’m sure many of the people who know me are going to look at this site and think, “Why do you need to create a personal blog, Scott? Don’t you have enough going on already?”

My answer is that it’s precisely because I have so many different things going on that I need this site:

But every one of those activities is a pretty tight niche – one facet of Scott Allen as a whole person…with the possible exception of Twitter, but communicating 140 characters at a time has its limits.

I wanted to have one site that brought together all of that content. I experimented with Posterous, Squidoo, HubPages, etc., but ultimately realized that I needed something that I was in full control of, and that I also wanted a sandbox where I could keep up my WordPress and other social media technical skills.

So here you have it. Powered by WordPress. Built on the Thematic Theme Framework. The bottom of the page has links to most of my recent content from around the web. And I’m free to write about whatever I feel like without worrying whether it’s off-topic or off-brand.

Whether you’re one of the several hundred true friends I’ve built online over the past few years, or one of the several thousand people who are just getting to know me personally, I hope you find this enjoyable and will occasionally stop by and leave a comment.

Welcome to the inside of my very scattered brain…

Image: Hossein Khosravi @ stock.xchng


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