3 Reasons You Should Help Bail Out Haiti

I’ve been watching the news about the situation in Haiti with a heavy heart. The brief blurbs on the network news don’t even begin to do it justice. I strongly urge you to read this article:

Redefining tragedy when everything around you, as bleak as it is, suddenly disappears

I have to say, though, it’s really cool to see how social media and other new technology is making it easier to give, raising awareness, and perhaps most importantly, driving people to action.

One of the coolest and most effective things I’ve seen is the Red Cross 90999 Haiti text campaign, which has already topped $10 million, according to The Washington Post. Pretty simple: text “HAITI” to 90999 on your phone to donate $10 to Haiti relief via the Red Cross. It’ll show up on your next phone bill. Contrary to some claims on Twitter that it’s a scam, yes, it’s legit – you can see the announcement on the Red Cross site.

I also received an email last night from my friend Sean Patrick Simpson (@vpsean), who asked internet & business legend Mark Joyner (@MarkJoyner) to write a couple of letters that people could send out to their email list to encourage giving. I loved his take on it, so I thought I’d share it with you here (with permission):

3 Reasons You Should Help Bail Out Haiti

1.  Stability is good for the market

When countries fall under hardship they can fall prey to a number of unhealthy practices that are bad for legitimate business.

Black markets, looters, warlords …

Doesn’t exactly beckon capitalists to risk their money there.

In my estimation, the more countries we can trade with the better. I’m a believer in the "trade with all, war with none" notion of the framers of the US constitution.

2.  I think it’s a tax write-off (Check with your accountant)

3.  American Airlines is Giving 250 Free Air Miles for your donations over $50. Check it out: budurl.com/savehaitinow

So, I’m gonna go do this thing.  Not because someone guilted me into it, but because it’s a good idea for all of us.

"We Need Help": Haitians Call for Help After Devastating Quake

Image credit: United Nations Photo

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